Jai Carey - Emcee/Producer

The product of a lower class broken home, he was raised on hip hop, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, and a split between New York education and Columbus Ohio public schools. Jai Carey is a Hip Hop/freestyle emcee influenced heavily by hip hop and geek culture. He has been rhyming since the age of 12 and performing since 2000. Evident in the creativity both within his writing and his freestyle ability, he has demonstrated on numerous occasion his willingness to go above and beyond the average lyricist by becoming the first person to ever win back to back emcee freestyle battle championships in the Ohio hip hop showcase and the Ohio Hip Hop Expo, as well the first person ever to win the Ohio Hip Hop Expo and the Ohio hip hop showcase in the same year and the only 8 time emcee battle champion for the event. He has been nominated for 6 Ohio Hip Hop Awards including Best live Performance 2008 and 2014 with His band 8 bit genetic code, best lyricist 2012 and 2013, People's Choice Award 2008, and Best New Group with 8 bit genetic code for 2014, as well as performed during SXSW in both 2013 and 2014. Crafting metaphors that exceed the expectations of the current hip hop community, with topics as creative as they are complex, Jai has elevated himself to stand apart from other rappers in his generation. With a smooth poetic delivery complimented by a constant changing rhythmic flow reminiscent of jazz scat, this one of a kind lyricist takes pride in combating poor lyricism through concepts that range from conscious awareness to scientific and mathematically calculated word play, but also provides a complete 180 with his catchy club songs riddled with punch lines that would quench the current dry spell in modern rap music.


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